Desirae M. Burger  Bachelor Bus, Grad Dip Ed - Primary

Human Resources 

Desirae contributes on a high level to AUST-MTIC Corporation overall operations by taking care of all Contractors and Employees operational issues. Desirae has emphathy and understanding  of others and is a very good listener and effective communicator through her personable caring attitude.

Lynette  Glover 

Market Research Analysis 

​Lyn's contribution to AUST-MTIC is invaluable researching diagnosing  various information provided to her for appraisal. Lyn leaves no stone unturned in her research and due diligence and is able to provide the AUST-MTIC Board with needed information to make informed decisions.  


John Anderson  MBA, Commercial Pilot

Justice of the Peace (Qualified) 

Board Advisor - Operations Manager

John has an extensive Military and Aviation background as a commercial pilot. Having an in house Pilot is advantageous for mining and accessing remote locations.

John provides valuable contribution and advice  to AUST-MTIC board and heads up AUST-MTIC's operations.  

Renowned by those that have dealt with Bruce, as a highly experienced, knowledgeable hands on capable  Senior Manager with strong core values... "Trust - Transparency - Loyalty - Respect" . These values are embedded throughout the AUST-MTIC entire operations. Bruce is a passionate upbeat Manager that  leads by example through mentoring, coaching and inspiring others into positive action, by providing the vision, self belief and leading staff, clients and stakeholders, in achieving predetermined desired outcomes. Bruce's innovation, creativity, strategies and management skills have created many successful outcomes.

Andrea is valued senior management team member, who focus is on consolidating Client Relationships, placing considerable importance on Client's utmost satisfaction. In 2017 Andrea intends undertaking a Law Degree while balancing family life and business. Andrea is a very professional and capable Manager.

Bruce John Glover  MBA, Dip Sales Mgm't, REA, Eng - PMM

Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

Director, CEO, Licencee, 



Tarun Sabherwal  (Ron)MBA, Immigration Agent

India & Canada Business Development Alliance Partner

Tarun has been with AUST-MTIC as a Trusted and Respected Business Development Alliance Partner since 2013 starting initially in India and in 2015 relocated to Canada. Tarun was educated in Newcastle University NSW obtaining his MBA. Tarun also has close connections and family in Japan.

​Dileep Natarajan BSc Mathematics 

India - Business Development Consultant

Dileep is highly regarded and trusted within AUST-MTIC  International Business Development operations.  Dileep's Professional background various sectors, has provided Dileep a cutting edge in understanding client environments  including but not limited to,  Creative Problem Solving, Effective Communication - Multi Languages, and Patience and Persistence through to completion.


Andrea Kaye De Marco BCOMN. Grad Dip Bus

Client Relations Director.

Australasia - Mining Trade & Investment Corporation

Pty Limited